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GACSRI Oktoberfest Pawtucket


Saturday, Sept. 28 ; 1-11pm
Sunday, Sept. 29 ; Noon to 5pm

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Tickets and event details for 2024's Oktoberfest will be available in early-Summer. For now, you can check out the 2023 event highlights below.

Join us for two full days of celebrating the Bavarian tradition of the Wies'n.

Tickets are now available to purchase for both days of the Fest. We ask guests planning on attending to please pre-purchase this year in advance is possible. Tickets purchased online will be $10 (+applicable fees) and guests purchasing tickets at the door on the day of the event will be charged $12.

Children 12 and under do not require a ticket to attend. No dogs or other pets are allowed, service animals only.

2023 Oktoberfest Event Map
Oktoberfest Map

Vendors Serving in the Biergarten will include: 

Burgundian Waffles 

Rolling Stogies Cigars 

Please note: no dogs or pets are allowed on our grounds, service animals only!

Food Menu & Locations

Oktoberfest Food
GACS Oktobeerfest 2023 Menu - (1200 × 1200 px).png

Beer Lineup 

Oktoberfest Beer
GACS Oktoberfest Biers - 1200x1200.png

Live Music Lineup & Entertainment

Okoberfest Music
GACS Oktoberfest Bands.png
Alpenblumen Schuhplattlers Dance Performance

The GACSRI's own Alpenblumen Schuplattlers will entertain our guests with traditional dance performances on both days of the fest. S.G.T.V. Alpenblumen is part of a larger network of Bavarian and Austrian schuhplattler and folk dance groups called GAUVERBAND NORDAMERIKA, an organization compromised of similar groups from across the USA and Canada. 

Whether performing before a large or a small audience, the S.G.T.V. Alpenblumen provide color, energy and a sense of history.  Some of the dances performed are centuries old.

Steinholding Competition

We'll be hosting a Steinholding competition on both days of this year's Oktoberfest. There will be a men's and women's division and the winners will be awarded prizes!

GACS Stein Holding (1200 × 1200 px).png
Oktoberfest History
History of Oktoberfest (or the "Wiesn)

The Oktoberfest is the world's largest Volksfest (people's festival). It is held annually in München (Munich) since 1810. Kronprinz Ludwig, later King Ludwig I (reign: 1825–1848), married Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on 12 October 1810. The citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held on the fields in front of the city gates to celebrate the royal event. The fields were named Theresienwiese ("Theresa's Meadow") in honour of the Crown Princess, and have kept that name ever since, and the locals have abbreviated the name simply to "Wiesn." In the following years, the festivities grew and the traditional has held ever since.

Oktoberfest in Pawtucket

Each September, we welcome guests to our grounds in Pawtucket to celebrate Oktoberfest and attempt to reproduce a sense of Bavarian Gemütlichkeit (coziness) with live music, dancing, German Festbier, and traditional food offerings. Our Oktoberfest is held across our outdoor Biergarten, Ratskeller bar, and large indoor Bierhalle.

Oktoberfest Pawtucket Poster 2019
Oktoberfest Pawtucket Poster 2018
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