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Our History

The German American Cultural Society of today was created in 1998 when the German Dramatic Society of Olneyville and the Eintracht Singing Society of Pawtucket came together to form the new organization.


Both of the original groups had been created over 100 years ago by German immigrants to serve the needs of the German community and were chartered in Rhode Island as cultural/social societies.


Early on, they served two purposes; to aid the assimilation of newcomers into American society and to further understanding by the general population of the rich variety of German costumes, traditions and culture.

The German Dramatic Society was founded to preserve the dramatic traditions of Germany - and plays were presented in the German language as late as the 1940’s.


The Eintracht Singing Society from its beginning, had a strong musical emphasis.  Its outstanding male chorus was recognized as one of the finest in the country until the mid 1950’s.


Along with music the Pawtucket club, within a few years of the dedication of its hall, developed a Turner league - or gymnastic organization - and this activity continued into the 1950’s.

Today the German American Cultural Society presents a variety of festivals and events throughout the year.


  • Our Oktoberfest is the "Main Event" and features German music, German food and of course, German beer.


  • The Weinlesefest celebrates the harvesting of grapes and the making of wine.


  • Our Schlachtfest is a festive event for everyone - except the pig who is auctioned off in his various parts.


  • Two Liederabende are presented by the men’s and ladies’ chorus during the year which feature a variety of German music from folk songs to classical.


With a passion for preserving tradition and forging new memories, we welcome new friends and members.  YOU DON"T NEED TO BE GERMAN to join us!  You just have to love good food, good beer, good fellowship and good times.     



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