Aus der Küche (from the Kitchen)

Every Oma's recipes are different - and they're all secret. 


So how can you enjoy the great food you've discovered in our Ratskeller at home?

We think the folks at German Deli do a nice job introducing newcomers to German cooking with their series of "how to" videos".  We've posted a few here.  And Schaller & Weber's always putting a new slant on old classics.  We thank them all.

But if you want the REAL DEAL, join us on Friday nights - especially on Trachtenabend.  Maybe you'll learn a secret or two!

Schnitzel is a standard.  It comes in many styles. Here's an

approach to what's commonly known as Weinerschnitzel.

There's more to good Sauerkraut than opening a can.  Check out this variation. Then create your own!

Schweinebraten is as basic as it gets but far from ordinary. Make sure yours is "schwimmin'" is gravy!

Rouladen is not the German word for "love" - but it should be. Tastes great, sticks to your ribs, makes you feel good inside.

Schweinehaxen is sublime.  When you have time to

cook low and slow, this is what you want.  Trust us.

There's grilled cheese... then there's Bacon Grilled Cheese.  From Schaller &

Gulasch dates back to the 9th century.  If you learn

to make it right, you'll be remembered for centuries yourself!

Bratwurst with Apples & Onions (click here)

From Schaller and Weber's website: basic but oh, so good.

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