Ratskeller Bier Karte

Let's be honest.  It's all about the Beer.


There are certainly many fine brews out there.  But when people think of beer, they think of Germany.  And when folks around here think of Germany, they think of us.

Every week, we offer a fine selection of authentic German beers on tap ("vom fass").  Some you've heard of. Some you've not.  Sometimes, we'll feature something you can't get anywhere else.  There's a nice selection of bottled imports and we'll even (reluctantly) offer up some of the familiar light or domestics you're accustomed to.

The selection changes frequently and we try to keep this page up to date.  However, it's never a bad idea to just drop by on Friday night and see for yourself!

Winter 2020
Let's face it.  Germans are not known for their fancy cocktails.  They're known for their beer.  And we serve great beer. The variety is impressive. The prices are fair. The Gemütlichkeit is free.
(Click on the individual beer names to see Beer Advocate's reviews for each!)
Weihenstephan - True beer lovers know the name well but may not have sampled the wide variety offered by this stellar maker. 




 Original Lager

Einbecker - savor this unfiltered pilsner. It's new to our wall and fast becoming a Ratskeller favorite!  Supplies are limited, so don't miss out.

Franziskaner - If you like weissbier (wheat beer), this one's for you.



Warsteiner - An unfiltered "kellerbier".  Immer wünderbar.



Kulmbacher Edelherb Pils - Clean, crisp pilsner - lighter (so you can drink more!)


Edelherb Pils

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