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Alpenblumen Schuhplattlers

The word Alpenblumen, means Alpine flowers, and refers to the founding of the group by members of both G.T.V. Almrausch, in Philadelphia, PA, and Edelweiss Passaic, in northern New Jersey.  Edelweiss and Almrausch are both flowers in the alpine regions of Germany and Austria. 


S.G.T.V. Alpenblumen is part of a larger network of Bavarian and Austrian schuhplattler and folk dance groups called GAUVERBAND NORDAMERIKA, an organization compromised of similar groups from across the USA and Canada. 

Whether performing before a large or a small audience, the S.G.T.V. Alpenblumen provide color, energy and a sense of history.  Some of the dances performed are centuries old.  The “Dirndl im Roatn Miader” (Bayern dialect) was first recorded in written form in the tenth century, most likely having been performed and passed down from generation to generation long before then.  There are dances which portray occupations and trades, such as the Mühlenradl, or Mill Wheel, and the Holzhacker Tanz, or Wood Cutters Dance. 


Others are flirtation dances, and still some others are known by the particular village where they have their roots, such as Reit im Winkel from Reit im Winkel, a village in Bayern and the Ammerseer from Ammersee, a lake in Oberbayern. In between individual dances at a performance, information about various dances and components of the tracht or costume are explained.  Sometimes, the audience will be invited to participate in a dance such as the Woaf, a flirtation dance, or other dances such as a Rheinländer or the Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch.

S.G.T.V. Alpenblumen has performed regionally from New Hampshire to Philadelphia.  We welcome anyone interested in our group to contact us, whether your interest is becoming a member or having us perform for you, or just to know where we will be performing next.


Email or call Kurt Van Dexter in order to confirm practice times, schedule a dance performance, or for additional information about the S.G.T.V. Alpenblumen Schuhplattler Group at: or 401-742-0163 (call or text).

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